MARK RICH- Chief Executive Officer
Mark Rich has been in law enforcement for 24 years and currently works for the Midway (GA) Police Department and serves as the Training Director and Senior Firearms Instructor. He previously served with the Richmond Hill (GA) Police Department and held various positions in traffic, patrol and investigations, armorer and range master. He also served as the Emergency Response Team Commander.

Mark's numerous advanced P.O.S.T. certifications including General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Sniper Instructor, Certified Anti-Terrorist Instructor, PPCT Instructor, TASER Instructor, Glock Instructor and Advanced Armorer. He has served as a Senior Adjunct Instructor for the Southeast Georgia Regional Criminal Justice Training Center and taught both Basic and Advanced Law Enforcement training classes. Mark has developed classes for Tactical Rifle, Advanced Shotgun, Tactical Pistol, Special Operations Response Training, and assisted with the updating of the Officer Survival, Advanced Firearms, and Firearms Instructor Classes taught at the regional law enforcement training academy.

Mark has trained thousands of law enforcement students from federal, state, and regional area included as part of the Southeast Georgia Criminal Justice Training Center, members of the Drug Enforcement Agency, the U.S. Department of Justice (U.S. Marshal’s), U.S. Treasury, I.N.S., Georgia State Patrol, the U.S. Army (Military Police), the U.S. Coast Guard, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Mark has received multiple awards and  recognitions during his career to include the Combat Cross for extreme heroism in the line of duty (2003) and the 200 Club Medal of Valor in 2010. During Mark’s career he has provided security and personal protection to a number of dignitaries to include Laura Bush, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Gregg Allman, Eddie Money and the Blues Brothers.

JACK TRIPP- Chief Operations Officer
Jack Tripp is a retired First Sergeant from the United States Army serving 23 years. He spent his career as an Armored Reconnaissance Specialist. He has extensive knowledge of tactical reconnaissance, small unit tactics and defensive and offensive combat operations. As an M1-M1A1 Tank Mastergunner, he was responsible for the planning, coordinating, resourcing, and executing the company gunnery training and marksmanship program. He served as a US Army Drill Sergeant and as Opposing Force (OPFOR) at the Joint Readiness Training Center in Ft. Polk, LA. He trained a dedicated aggressor force that provided Ranger, Airborne and Special Operations Units with realistic training for simulated combat and served as an insurgent leader versed in guerrilla operations training units to prepare for combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a combat Veteran of Operation Desert Storm and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

As a US Army Level 3 MACP Instructor, he trained over 3000 Soldiers in Combatives techniques while serving as a Drill Sergeant. He also conducted Combatives Training at Fort Polk, LA and Fort Stewart Georgia, certifying over 200 students as Level 1 Combatives Instructors. He developed and executed Battalion level Combatives training program which trained a combined arms battalion in all level 1 tasks of Army Combatives and integrated combatives training into the unit’s mission training in preparation for deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jack’s weapons experience and qualifications include all light weapons used by the Army and he is a Certified Armorer through the US Army and Central Texas College. Jack’s additional training includes Armored Reconnaissance Specialist OSUT, Airborne School, Combat Lifesavers Course, Joint Services Interior Intrusion Detections System Course, Jumpmaster Course, Pathfinder School, Combatives Trainer Course (Levels 1, 2, and 3) and Anti-Terrorism Officer Course(Level 2).

He is an NRA Certified Instructor in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home, as well as an NRA certified Range Safety Officer. Jack is certified by ICE Academy as a Fitshot training coach.  For the last 4 years Jack as served as a Staff Instructor for another training company before setting out on his own to form Liberty.  Jack is a part-time contributing writer to the Big Three Media group as well as a guest instructor for Big Three East Tactical Training Center in Daytona Florida.  He is an experienced instructor in handguns, carbine, and shotgun marksmanship and tactics as well as Modern Army Combatives and Defensive Tactics. Jack also coaches the TEAM LIBERTY Junior Shooting Team as well as competes in local IDPA, USPSA, and 3 Gun Matches.
THOMAS DEMAIO- Chief of Security and Medical Training
Tom has an extensive background in law enforcement training. During his law enforcement career, which began in 1978, he has worked for City, County, the U.S. Military, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  Tom is currently an Explosive K9 Handler/Instructor. Tom is also a full-time Medic for Ft. Stewart/Hunter Army Air Field’s EMS.And he also serves as an Instructor with the Florida SWAT Association, and Rescue Training Inc.’s Tactical Medic programs.
As a Trainer, Tom has taught thousands of law enforcement officers, military and civilians and has taught at all levels to include the Georgia Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, the U.S. Army’s ROE/RUF (Rules of Engagement/Rules of Use of Force), the Florida Fire College, and the Florida National Guard’s Training Center at Camp Blanding.His other instructor credentials include Georgia P.O.S.T. Senior Instructor, General Instructor, Field Training Officer, Firearms, Emergency Medical, Defensive Tactics, and Explosive K9 Handler Instructor.  He is certified through the Georgia Board of Private Detectives & Security Agencies as a Firearms Instructor. Tom is a Life Time Member of the National Rifle Association where he holds InstructorCertifications for Basic Pistol and Rifle.  Additionally, Tom anNRA Law Enforcement Division Firearms Instructor for Pistol, Shotgun, and Patrol Rifle.
As an American Heart Association Instructor, he teaches CPR, AED, and First Aid for Health Care Providers, First Responders, and the general public.  Tom is also a TCCC Instructor (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), and a K9 Medic Instructor, where he teaches both Military and Law Enforcement personnel.  He is certified through the Federal Emergency Management Agency as an Instructor for Citizens Emergency Response Teams (CERT), as well as a NIMS Instructor.
Tom has numerous protection deployments for current and former Presidents, First Ladies, Federal Judges, Federal Prisoners, and Witnesses.  Locally, Tom serves as a Strike Team Leader for events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Rock and Roll Marathon.
Crystal Hensler- Staff Instructor
Crystal started her career in 2003 as an EMT, and then obtained her Paramedic certification for both Georgia and as a Nationally Registered Paramedic in 2006. She has worked for rural EMS services to include Liberty, Long, Wayne and Bryan Counties. She was employed by Ft. Stewart/ Hunter EMS before taking a Supervisory Paramedic position with Liberty Regional EMS. While at Ft. Stewart EMS, she was assigned to several Special Operations details which included providing Medical Support for President Obama during his visit to Ft. Stewart in 2012. In 2013, she was formally recognized by the Winn Army Community Hospital Commander, and received a medal for saving four lives during a nine month period.  She has also trained with the Ft. Stewart SRT,providing support as a Tactical Medic. As a Supervisor for Liberty Regional EMS, she is the Lead Medic who coordinates Training and execution of missions with Liberty County Sherriff’s Departments’ SRT team.
Crystal teaches for Liberty Regional Medical Center and several private services. She currently holds Instructor credentials in the areas of Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), and K9 Medic.
After completing the Florida SWAT Association’s Tactical Medic Program, she was invited back as an Adjunct Instructor to train Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Service Medics, and EMS personnel from throughout the Southeast as Tactical Medics. This, intense, week long program is conducted at the Florida National Guards Training Center at Camp Blanding Florida, in conjunction with their Counter Drug Training Center.        
George Siegel- Staff Instructor
George was a pioneer in the field of Advanced Pre-Hospital  Emergency Medicine serving his community for 32 years, first with Chatham County Emergency Medical Services (1974-1985) and then with Dekalb County Department of Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services Bureau (1985-2006). George was among the first EMT’s to be certified by the State of Georgia as well as one of the first Cardiac Technicians in the State completing the program he helped develop in the late 1970’s. George received his Paramedic certification from Georgia Southern University in 1983.During his tenure with Chatham County EMS George was instrumental in getting heart monitors/defibrillators placed into the field, and also helped start Georgia’s first full ALS First Response Unit. George attained the rank of Assistant Watch Commander, before resigning to work for Dekalb County Department of Public Safety.
George began his career with the Dekalb Department of Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services Bureauin 1985. During his tenure with Dekalb, George was cited over 25 times for actions that directly resulted in the saving of someone’s life.  George also helped earn a Unit Citation for Bravery given to the Paramedic SOMS Team (Special Operations Medical Support) for their response during the 1996 Olympic bombing. The SOMS Team was assigned the duty of medical support for the Olympic Bomb Management Center for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. This was the first time Georgia State certified Paramedics had been used in such a role. He was a founding member of The Dekalb Paramedics Honor (Color) Guard, at the time the only all Paramedic Honor Guard in the State of Georgia and was also a founding member of the SOMS Team. As a member of the SOMS Team, George was routinely assigned to the GBI and the FBI as a medical support member of their respective SWAT Teams serving high risk warrants for over ten years. His duties included establishing medical threat assessments, supporting both EOD teams, as well as the EOD Team for Dekalb SWAT and various dignitary escort details. George was also assigned to the FBI during the hunt for the Olympic Bomber.
As a Master Paramedic, George holds certificates in Felony Pursuit Tactics, Basic and Advanced EVOC, BTLS, PHTLS, EMLS, ACLS, Crisis Intervention, SAMSCAT, CPR instruction, Paramedic Clinical Preceptor, Field Training Officer, Heart Saver AED, National Incident Management System, First Class Firefighter, Disaster Medicine Specialist, Field Training Officer, Crash Victim Extrication Specialist, and was selected Paramedic of the Year by the Stone Mountain VFW in 1993.
George’s firearms training began at the age of 17, when his father bought him his first handgun. He trained as a VIP escort for a private security firm. While serving with the Dekalb SOMS Team he was trained in all aspects of Render Safe, to include the Beretta 92, Winchester and Remington 12 gauge assault shotguns, the H&K MP-5, AR-15, 1911, and the M-79. George also has experience with the Springfield 1903-A3, M-14, and the Browning M-1917 machine gun. George has been a CCW holder for 43 years. George is an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor and is recognized by the NRA as a Distinguished Pistol Expert.
Although now retired, George maintains his Paramedic Credentials with the State of Georgia, staying current in all aspects of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.

Chris Williams- Assistant Staff Instructor

Chris started shooting in 2012 after retiring from a 35 year career in cardiac medical device sales, service and education with Boston Scientific. Developing a love for shooting in general and precision rifles in particular, she can hold her own in what is still a mostly male dominated discipline.  Chris has the ability to accurately and consistently place long range shots from 100 yards to distances out to 1000 yards. When combined with her ability to make complex concepts easy to understand for the students, it is not difficult to understand why we have invited Chris to become a staff instructor with Liberty Firearm Training. 
Chris is proficient in various caliber of pistols and carbines. She strives daily to improve each of her shooting skills through dry-fire, on-going defensive training drills, range time and personal training. She really enjoys teaching others not only to fall in love with the sport of shooting, but also for active self defense.